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Plain's of Medea : Fires of Chaos
Forum Rules
Please take the time to read the forum rules.
1 0 Monday, 2009-09-28, 5:22:39 PM
Thread: Rules
Posted by: valkier
All news, updates, and announcements about the files.
5 9 Thursday, 2011-05-05, 4:30:55 AM
Thread: Will update next week
Posted by: valkier
Keep up-to-date with current and updated maps.
15 75 Tuesday, 2018-05-01, 8:50:49 PM
Thread: Nevermore v1.31.7b
Posted by: Zerynax
Feedback and Error Reports
Suggestions? Bugs? Critiques? Comments? Testimonials? Praise? Post them here!
159 1718 Sunday, 2017-09-24, 5:50:02 PM
Thread: Version 1.32b
Posted by: xxxrasherxxx
Game Suggestions & Ideas
This area is for suggestions only, not bug reports.
162 2057 Thursday, 2017-08-24, 10:03:39 AM
Thread: Transfer CoT RPG PoM FoC int...
Posted by: xxxrasherxxx
Site Feedback
Suggestions for the site are to be placed here.
35 268 Saturday, 2015-04-18, 4:40:18 AM
Thread: New Evaluation of Valkier
Posted by: my fast cash source
Guides and FAQ
Guides and Frequently Asked Questions.
30 170 Saturday, 2017-11-04, 4:56:56 AM
Posted by: jeebus713
Discuss general in game information here.
273 3345 Tuesday, 2019-01-22, 9:14:52 PM
Thread: CoT PoM FoC N Discord Server
Posted by: bud-bus-
Hacker Reports
Post reports of hackers here.
151 1006 Sunday, 2018-03-18, 0:08:38 AM
Thread: More hackers
Posted by: smeshl39

Clan Talk
Clan CM
15 123 Tuesday, 2010-07-20, 8:52:40 PM
Thread: Clan CM's Official Websi...
Posted by: bud-bus-

You say goodbye, I say hello.
Say hello or good bye to your fellow players.
74 599 Thursday, 2016-11-24, 5:25:59 AM
Thread: Hey Hey
Posted by: kellykevin450
If you are leaving us for good, let us know.
5 55 Sunday, 2014-11-23, 11:16:05 PM
Thread: Well something i forgot to d...
Posted by: Mystic_Prophet

Off Topic
Discuss anything that is not related to Plain's of Medea : Fires of Chaos.
193 3562 Thursday, 2019-02-28, 1:15:13 PM
Thread: Original story
Posted by: firk
Post up things from stories to poems and lyrics.
16 131 Sunday, 2012-05-27, 6:22:27 PM
Thread: ancient chinese torture
Posted by: Sandman366
Foreign Language
If you do not want to type in English, go here.
10 105 Tuesday, 2015-03-24, 0:04:34 AM
Thread: 한국어 가능하신 분들에게 도움 요청합니다.
Posted by: saintdevil
Discuss Manga here.
7 73 Friday, 2011-09-23, 2:27:36 PM
Thread: Watashi no Messiah-sama
Posted by: FreakShow
Discuss anime here.
9 118 Tuesday, 2011-11-08, 8:12:44 PM
Thread: Top 10 All-time Favorite Ani...
Posted by: Hitman
Discuss music, movies, and television shows here.
12 132 Saturday, 2012-12-01, 10:14:14 PM
Thread: Map Triggers
Posted by: Mystic_Prophet
Show off your art here!
6 26 Wednesday, 2011-03-30, 6:43:23 PM
Thread: A request.
Posted by: ace_of_spadez
Post all about music here!
9 86 Wednesday, 2012-06-13, 10:42:00 AM
Thread: Name your favorite band!!!
Posted by: Ra$hood
Pic Threads
Post your ugly faces here. ^_^
7 181 Wednesday, 2011-11-09, 9:51:43 PM
Thread: pic
Posted by: Sandman366

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