3:45:21 PM
Hello guys! I have rare Thanatos wings but can't upgrade it. Put wings and recipe but nothing happens. Can u help me please?
7:32:42 AM
Bonjour ,c'est normal d'être au max gold et bois et pas pouvoir les convertir ?
4:01:44 PM
Where key of devotion????????
9:52:30 PM
Peek a boo
9:13:33 PM
We no longer update these forums: Join the Discord to stay up-to-date with the latest map releases and the huge community around the game now! :D
8:27:17 AM
ye where to get crystal? i need it for chaotic necklace
2:03:22 PM
2:02:43 PM
where to get crystal for upgrade item?
9:45:15 PM
where do i find devotion key?
4:47:19 AM
und bitte erhöht das maximum gold/hold was man jemanden schicken kann den 1000 ist mit 10klicks schneller als wen ich es eingebe bitte erhöht es auf 10k-100k danke
und was heißt 50n bzw beim phönix ranger 40n^3
4:40:29 AM
muss ich jetzt nach jedem update neu anfangen ? oder wieso ist mein login code ungültig funktioniert aber noch mit der vorherigen version und der erste skill vom phönix ranger ist fail was soll der bringen mit so einem geringen dmg
5:03:13 AM
is the devotion key even in this version? I have killed all bosses and still nothing. and no it isn't in the bottom left dungeon.
10:30:29 PM
how do i get medean curse ?
7:27:41 PM
Where do i find the demon prince?
3:33:29 AM
It has a 1% chance to drop off ogres/taurens and the magnataur area. There are daily changes going on with the beta maps, this new release is going to be sick! But it's taking time to iron out some stuff xD
9:32:55 PM
Hey, where the heck do the iron golem ore drop?
10:22:01 AM
https://curseoftime.wordpress.com/2017....-v1-32b No actual release date yet but lot's of stuff is happening. That's why it's been awhile.
6:32:40 AM
when new version?
7:24:53 AM
Go into the circle, type -enter.
6:20:12 AM
Hello guys, how summon azzazot or how enter to him ?
9:39:49 PM
Where can I find the Godslayer's Cloak for the Godslayer set? I've killed every boss that I'm aware of, but I can't find it :/ was hoping to get it before killing goddesses
9:31:48 AM
Stop using a nation and use Satan's Abode. After you get past 900, your actual EXP rate will still be 1%, but it'll be higher before that. (And without Abode you'll never even get to 901, either...)
4:41:13 PM
is it even possible to lvl pass 700? exp rate is at like 1%
0:29:40 AM
Turn the rates up to like, 5-10x+ of the "standard". It's pointlessly slow the way the "defaults" are.

Though I haven't played it in a while, obviously.
6:09:34 PM
A friend bought me Ark today. After 20 minutes of playing I started looking up if you could return the game for a steam refund to the person who bought it... Cause I hate that game already. And that's not even counting the whole full DLC Expansion before the game was even released bullshit.
Oh and sadly you can't.
5:28:53 PM
Boredom, the bane of my existence.
But occasionally a boon to others.

Here, have a GHost.
8:44:39 PM
Same. But multiple people have said that they are having problems with it.
8:15:36 PM
I've only ever used a Ucoz account for this.
7:25:06 AM
Are you guys having trouble logging in using UUID with your Google account?
3:41:04 AM
Book of the Pig Gods: 4,250dmg and 2k regen. One of the best dmg items early on.
7:31:58 AM
Medean Curse is an Orb of Corruption-based orb effect. If you have any other orb effects in a slot before it, or lifesteal in any slot, it won't work.

Book of the Pig Gods used to be a metamorph kind of thing, but was slightly broken, and is changed. Bunch of damage, and I believe regen, but don't recall how much regen.
4:52:26 AM
And does anyone know what to do with the book of the pig gods
4:51:59 AM
4:51:36 AM
I have a little problem median curse is not proccing on anyone can anyone help me
0:26:39 AM
Mostly just the people who came by to read Sandman's wall of rambles on here, You'll want to head to the discord if not there already. That's where almost everyone is. https://discord.gg/peSTvTd
9:55:05 PM
Yo, new member here, heard that the PoMFoC map is being re-updated from HiveWorkShop
4:28:14 PM
*runs a 45.5h game in WC3*
*wants to complain that it took so long to crash, and that it crashed*
6:34:25 AM
for easier starts destroy the boxes/crates to the left of the tauren at the top of town for some free items, buy blood elf nation and farm some wood for stat boosts so you can molest the game.
6:18:47 AM
(Hotwer) I'm not sure whats happening, but I registered with my Google account, and now the UUID oAuth integration is not working, and probably a lot of persons are having trouble with this, and that's why the forum is so quiet right now (apparently all remember-me cache is working like normal, since I can access the website under my login on one of my machines but not others).
4:41:48 PM
Let me guess, this was about 7-8 codewipes ago? smile
Sure you can! Just, you know, do all the work all over again. sad
12:54:41 PM
i lost my computer and code can i get him back?
10:13:23 PM
we've mostly gone over to discord i guess
6:08:22 PM
Feels weird for forum to seem so quiet.....
2:58:49 PM
raping nerubians and trolls with 2 of them atm
2:56:44 PM
beginning mobs cant kill them
2:56:22 PM
yea... beginning has always been a pain. i bought some peasants to help me kill rofl
6:01:44 PM
I turned them all off except for Releases and LFG after I post in it.
9:09:23 AM
I mean, yeah, sure, getting a regular base first "work"....but it's so much more annoying. sad
8:59:54 AM
Why the hell does picking a character cost money, anyway? We get almost nothing to start and that's just insulting. (Assuming it all gets turned into gold at 1:1 ratio, it's 35% of the "starting money". Rude.)
8:57:26 AM
Nope. Can't even kill warlord. Seso's heal comes off of cooldown too fast. Maybe if I had about 50 more hp and could get in a third Q before I die, but no. About 7 deaths before I said fuck it on that entire game. 20 minutes wasted that time.
I could just go regular house but this is pissing me off now.
8:47:32 AM
Looks like nation first when solo might be impossible now, at least for casters. Can't kill anything, can't afford anything. (Solo colo slaughters me. Can't kill the group of trolls. The solo troll got teleported. (Don't understand why, didn't think he was even close to town.) Now that it's daytime I even have a hard time getting into town.)
8:42:21 AM
Man, be great if we started with 600 wood instead of 500, so we can afford to buy a hero and do the wood->gold purchase. (Or if buying a hero didn't cost some of our very little starter money. I can't even afford workers!)
8:35:21 AM
And that random despawn just ruined the whole game. Sure, I could've bought a regular base, but was trying to get a nation first for the money.
Trying to play Arcanist.
Could only kill the singular weak troll. It despawned itself. Group of 4 and troll lord both slaughter me.
Awesome waste of 10 minutes. ^.^
8:03:31 AM
OH JOY NEW VERSION wait gotta do that stupid level 1-10 struggle again *cries*
That shit is ROUGH. It's fight four trolls at once (with Seso healing them, the bitch) or the one troll all by himself for garbage rewards for, like, ever. (Seriously it's probably easier to just farm for money until Castle of the Gods and have it kill things for me....)
7:57:08 AM
1.31.3b is out! We've a lot of changes
5:09:11 AM
Yeah, i turned notifications off
12:30:04 PM
lawls. The few times I've looked at discord I just see people complaining. And that notice sound is god awful annoying.
7:24:50 AM
You know, I forgot to ask.

Legion/Azazoth are supposed to enforce one armor and one weapon, but....what about All type items? Like Legion Ring? How is that enforced? (I mean multiple of that is kinda pointless but does it count for weapon? Armor? Separately?)
9:43:24 PM
Sandman, you can turn discord off and reopen it the next day and still see all the messages. The problem is that it's not very organized b/c people don't post in the correct areas, which is irritating. I guess these forums have kind of done the same though since we all stopped mod'ing them lol
DISCORD INFO: https://discord.gg/A2fFx7M
8:31:05 PM
Mind posting the discord link again? The one on DCs post seems to lead me to an invalid server.