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Dota2 version in progress
MoonLightDate: Monday, 2017-09-25, 1:35:22 AM | Message # 1
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Good day everyone.
As I said in another topic: I’m currently develop Dota2 version of this wonderful map.
Today I wish to share main points and thoughts about my work and to notice you about current progress and ETAs. Note that I don’t played Hotwer map since I don’t have enough time and all comparisons goes to v1.22 which Darkchaos left for everyone.

Therefore, the first question is “why it is needed at all”:
My main reasons to make dota2 version is:
1.    I really liked this map before and there was a lot of things I wished to improve\remove
2.    Dota2 is much better on graphical part and very flexible on code part(but the costs is that sometimes it take much time to do simple things)

The next is “My plans on changes”:
0.    Note that all my work goes from a scratches and all concept questions is not “to leave or to remove” but “to implement or to not”.
1.    Thing that annoy me the most in original CoT is bases(nations). I do understand this a big part of map concept but I really dislike it. Therefore, I decided not to implement bases at all. And such decision comes with a two strong of upsides:
a.    Only to copy all current nations system will take a lot of time which I estimate as not a fewer than 2month (not even talking about dota don’t have a lot of 3d models from wc3).
b.    Dota2 map maximum map size a bit limited but is enough for most CoT things. So refusing from nations will avail to spend all map base-locations for something more interestiing smile
2.    Bosses. CoT was a good map but bosses was too dumb =). This will be solved in the best wc3orpg traditions: all boss encounters will have some mechanics.
Now you can check video of first implemented boss: “the hydra”.

3.    Classes. I’ll definitely keep all classes presented in 1.22 and add some of my owns. CoT skill system seems also have a lot place for improvements so my current idea to make skills lvlups only by books (as it was in TBR) and add some passive skill-tree for every class.

Current state:
Since it’s a big map I decided to focus only normal world firstly. With only normal world it’ll be released. However, I tried to make not a “good for skip” world but a consistent rpg at this point Of course it’ll be expanded later. In 2 month of active work, we have:
•    all the landscape which I tried to be as similar to wc3 as possible =)
•    Map have about 85% of all normal world mobs placed
•    All quests from 1.22 is copied but most of it needs to be reworked
•    All shops (except for bases, obviously) is here
•    Currently implemented 2 large and 2 minibosses out of 15+ normal world bosses
•    Most of reasonable normal world items are here. But drop rates need to be balanced =)
•    3 hero classes with skills they have in 1.22
•    Save-loads is also fine

Plans on “todo”:
I have ideas for all other normal world bosses and will start to code it immediately   // I hope to finish it in my 2 vacation weeks
After this will be time for creating new good items for normal world // estimated as another 2 weeks
And after all content will be finished I’ll came to implementing new skill system and classes. // estimated as 1 month of time.

So in total I estimate that in worst case playable “alpha” to test should be available in about 2-4month =)

Ps. if someone afraid I will not finish it and drop in the middle: I can assure you that in worst case I’ll open all current progress for anybody to continue development.


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