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2009-11-02, 5:30:39 PM
CoT RPG 2 : PoM FoC V0.63B has been released!

Change Log:


-Nerfed 5 various instances of War Stomp on various chars
-Percent of Azazoth of using "Restore" increased by 3x
-Minumum HP lost needed before Azazoth begins to use "Massive Restore" increased
-Azazoth's "Massive Restore" percentage of using increased by about 0.3x
-Azazoth's "Astral Sheild" now gives him full spell immunity during its duration instead of 99% spell resistance
-Azazoth's "Astral Sheild" now lasts 4 seconds longer
-Fixed Azazoth's "Astral Devestation" from showing incorrectly
-Damage of Azazoth's "Astral Devastation" increased
-Azazoth's "Astral Devastation" casting chance increased by 2x
-Decreased chance of Azazoth's "Astral Annihilation" occuring
-Damage of "Astral Annihilation" increased
-Fixed Azazoth's Astral Summons respawning
-Chance of Azazoth's "Strength Obliteration" occuring increased
-Fixed Azazoth's Sphere loading issues with it dropping
-Entangling Roots duration increased
-Fixed Azazoth's spells hurting allies and himself (Neutral Hostiles)
-Azazoth's damage increased by 1 million
-Azazoth's armor increased by 800
-Azazoth's strength increased by 40,000
-Azazoth has a new spell, "Dispel" which instantly dispels any spell that is cast on him which is a debuff.
-Azazoth's agility increased by 600
-Azazoth's attack speed cooldown reduced by 0.01
-Azazoth's "Astral Shield" damage reduction greatly increased

[ · Download from mirror () ]

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Join the forum, and as far as i know Only Darkchaos is working on map

Very Good Game but i suggest making a new world so we can use Sins items or a new max level limit BUT AMAZING game all around great heroes very balanced great skills great quests great storyline great items and everything

You are awesome guyz ! PoM-FoC is one of the most beautiful RPG map. Great interface, many heroes, many items...
Guyz what a gooood job ! Please continue to improve your map. I don't know how many you are to develop but its a realy realy well thought map.

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