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Curse of Time V1.02 + V1.03 +V1.04
2010-08-08, 10:13:49 PM
Well, you're probably thinking "Wtf a new ver? Wasn't this guy on break?" well I am. I just felt like doing an update >.>. Dont expect another one XD. Anyway, there are two versions atatched to this post. You're probably thinking why 2 versions? Well, to fix a bug, i had to do something that ended up scrweing the codes that led to a code wipe. Ouch. So thats why I made two versions. V1.02 has all the updates, and V1.03 only has only the update that required the code wipe and something else that I did to the save code simply because I could. You're free to play either version you like, as there probably wont be another version for a month since I am on break (OMG!) so feel free to play 1.02 or 1.03. Its your decision. However, future versions will come from 1.03b, that is, unless the thing i fixed in 1.03b wasnt auctually fixed. In that case, ill just try something else to fix it. Mmmmk thats it.

V1.02 Change Log

V1.03 Change Log

V1.04 Change Log

NOTE: There is auctually a very big bug in both versions. A bug that causes colo monsters to isntantly die but u get xp. Therefore, I DO NOT reccommend you play 1.02b or 1.03b. I have released a patch fix. Play 1.04b instead.

V1.02 Download Link: (DO NOT RECCOMEND)

V1.03 Download Link: (DO NOT RECCOMEND)

V1.04 Download Link:

Category: My files | Added by: Ceshun
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Total comments: 5
4. Fix the sins walk path, they can kill you even if your in the town.
5. Maybe make it a little easier the first 30 levels? The first 30 levels are harder than 31-100...

1. Fix the path the Dark Savior runs at, i had my house next to the colo manager and he still ran to destroy it.
2. Take away that fucking defeat timer if your house is destroyed, it is completly unneccesary and sometimes destroys your game.
3. I saved maybe 2-3 seconds before the defeat timer ran out, when it did the save code disappeared, so i lost several hours of gameplay!!!!

Oh, and I can't seem to new character for this version is level 9 and i tomed him some, thanks to a high level...any idea why?

Hey, just thought I should tell you that the master rogue spell Instant Death doesn't work for me, I've never gotten the critical.

Hello mr, i would like to suggest, EVEN more time when a player leaves. I mean this game takes a lot of time in the normal world and chaotic world, so it would be nice if we could play alone when someone quits or get dced, cause with lots of free time, we could test new heroes, and alll that stuff =D
Thanks a lot, i'v been following COT, since Waugrifs 1, in 2005 =D
I really like this RPG and your mode is kinda interesting :D i like it a lot, Thanks

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