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C u r s e o f T i m e V 1 . 0 1
2010-07-29, 8:36:06 PM


-Fixed changelog for v1.00 being seen as v0.66b on quest menu
-weather nerfed from every random 600-2000sec to 400-1000sec
-fixed hurricane buff not being removed
-chaos weather now has a higher chance of good weather occuring (greater than 50%)
-fixed backpack not loading
-instant death reduced to 2% at max level
-death strike at max level now does 5x agi damage and stuns for 1 -second, but has cooldown increased to 14 seconds
-It now takes 33 points of agility for 1 defence point, instead of 50
-summoners summons agility increase buffed to compensate for -agility debuff which happened last verson but I forgot to add
-fixed blink in arena? maybe
-fixed despair cloth not giving int
-you can now suicide in arena
-fixed -rv not working? maybe

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Category: My files | Added by: Ceshun
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Great Job guys hope infinity will be soon added:)

colloseum exp isint bugged it decrease the exp because u finish it many times when ur exp is lower go and hunt some monsters until ur exp grow u will see kill monsters and make ur exp higher again

another bug weak survival in chaotic world is wave 4 mobs dont come

another bug... a guy after he loaded his char...a guy lvl 52 had in his inventory lvl 800 chaotic sword with 850k dmg

many bugs :
1 : sometimes guys get stuck in coloseum after they die...the cam gets stuck in coloseum but the hero is in town
2 : desync problem all the time ... and its not a ghost thing cuz i tryed 7 hots untill now
3 : sometimes some players can't see other players after they die in coloseum or in normal map ... even if the bot didnt say anything about desync yet
4 : and like other said ... exp rate is kinda fucked up some times ... i had same problem with castle of gods in coloseum....was lvl 180 and on hard mode was geting 10 xp from mobs...

Wdf you all done with exp rate?... lvl 5 mobs give 13 exp? ursas 40 exp? in 0.66B it was perfect exp rate now!... Now to get around 300 lvl you need to play like 24h?..Fak this version bring back old fast leveling..

"a note on instant death it does not start criting until 3% you basically made it useless now"

so you should either make it's critical lower or atleast change the percentage chans for a crit hit so it isn't useless anymore.

and ive experienced a bug, when i save with items on my character's and then load them in another game the items are gone but the backpack remains. however i do gett to keep the gold and lumber.

Report all bugs in forum under bug section, thank you.

Colosseum exp bugged

I've been experiencing a bug with the collosseum experience, I was lvl 270 and my friend was 270 we both had castle of gods but his exp rate was 80% and mine was 0.8% for colosseum...bug?

a note on instant death it does not start criting until 3% you basically made it useless now

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