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C u r s e o f T i m e V 1 . 0 0
2010-07-29, 10:07:55 AM

Alright, well v1.00 is finnaly out... You may ask why it took so long. Well, for over 90% of the time I auctually didn't do anything... because well I was busy, something else, the "BUG" or because I simply didn't want to. Well there are lots of updates and stuff, but I dont remember them all so just read the whole darn changelog or whatnot. This version, is, as you can call it, a "Framework". The idea is in place, but not with everything. There are no legendary or rare items at the moment, except for dark soul, thanatos wings and ring of existence which were left behind. There are no sets as well at the moment, etc. There will definately be more added, this is, after all, still beta :). You can probably farm Azazoth for his items to kill time or whatnot. Well, were to go now into the future? Well for now, I wont update it for a while. You might see a small update once a week, but honestly, dont expect it. Go with the assumption that there will probably be no update for at least a month. I'm getting a new computer this weekend, and I am giong to play all the games that I couldn't play at all for the last 3 years. Honestly, I just really wanna take a break from all this map editor stuff. But really, the most that I just wanna do right is play some curse of time. Well that's it, thanks for reading this. Anyway, the change log will be posted below in a spoiler, probably cause its too long. I never really looked at the whole thing. After the spoiler, there will be a download link, where you can finnaly download the game and play it. Have fun smile

EDIT: Oh yes, there might be a lot of bugs, and a lot of unbalanced stuff in this version. Please remember that this is a beta, and is a work in progress. Therefore, please report it on these forums so that I can fix it.

If you wish to reply to anything in this post, go here: http://www.pomfoc.ucoz.com/forum/9-846-1


-Implemented Class Items, this has led to most items being destroyed and being replaced with new ones, however some of the old ones remain with different effects, or the same effect, however most of the items are new. This applies to the chaos world only, as I see no reason to implement them into the normal world.
-Fixed graphical problems when facing Azazoth
-Fixed damage, eg. Royal tank takes "x" less damage, however this did not apply for ranged damage. For example, it did not apply for azazoth, so a PR and a RG would take the same damage (It would only look different because RG has armor skills and more armor items). This has been fixed by implementing a whole new system.
-Pheonix Ranger now takes 200% damage instead of 180%
-Fixed an exploit were it was possible to gain two heroes
-Royal Guardian nerfed, and now takes 30% less damage instead of 60% (or whatever the previous value was)
-Fixed the message that says "All players have left the agme. Save/Load will be disabled in x minutes." from repeating every 60 seconds
-Chaotic Attacks buffed, and now do 350x damage to all armor types instead of 300x
-Cooldown on RG's taunt reduced by 1.5sec
-Plate Mail ability on RG nerfed
-Fixed no research icon for PR's Multi Shot
-Fixed no tooltip name for PR's Multi Shot research levels 2 - 5
-Fixed no research icon for PR's Pheonix Power
-Stats and pstats now show Platinum Coins and Arcadite Lumber
-Added "-suicide" command which can be used to kill yourself
-World sustaining power level increased to lvl 25 so that it can no longer be used in an exploit
-Moonstone can no longer be bought
-Faceless One Deathbringer attack increased from 50 to 700
-Magntaur Destroyer buffed and level increased by 4
-Dire mammoth slightly buffed
-Ogre Overlord and Taurens buffed and level decreased
-Each point of agility now adds 0.10 to armor instead of 0.33
-Critters are now an enemy to neutral hostile
-Fixed Aleria's Flute of Accuracy description
-Animate Dead removed from Dread Wolf
-Removed Mana regeneration from Aura of Knowledge
-Removed Cathedral's ability to revive heroes instantly (to prevent an exploit that can be used with new content)
-Map size increased from 256x256 to 480x480
-Made blink/teleport unable to teleport past the main map
-Made Cameras locked unto their respective area
-Upon creation of the chaos world, players under level 300 are now sent to area were they can level up with normal world creeps.
-New command, -revive
-Strong bosses (currently, only Azazoth) now have true sight
-Removed the water around the mine to the north-east of the town, and instead made a frozen mine, making it usable
-Changed the In-game minimap icon (this is because, when making the camera locked to a specific area, it screws up the minimap, a custom icon doesn't make it look that wierd)
-Fixed a bug if a hero was killed in the area of the vengeful paladin, dropping 4 gold coins
-Drop rate for normal world items increased
-Forgotten One buffed + level increased
-Sins buffed(your not supposed to kill them, dammit!)
-New Hero, Arcane Warrior
-Fixed until Save/load disable text in singleplayer
-Fixed bug concerning XP gain
-Implemented Colosseum
-Buffed Dark Savior
-Removed Lifesteal from Mink
-Undead Sign of Power no longer drops upon death
-Hunters Hunter's Immolation nerfed
-Cheesey Tower defence upgrade nerfed
-Fixed Items dropping from summons
-Color changes to damage, armor, strength, agility and intelligence
-Added Item Removal Timer
-Small changes in Loading Screen
-Dark Savior given fast speed
-Scroll of Animate Dead abilities removed
-Added Weather
-Disabled Sharing Control
-Added a backpack (NOTE: Items in the backpack do not save)
-COT RPG POM FOC no longer disconnects you from b.net.
-Fixed getting xp from non-ai heroes
-Nerfed "I see dead people..."
-Nerfed "Worm Tricker"
-Updated Savior
-Azazoth's range increased
-New hero, Dark Summoner
-Fixed typo in Essence of Existence name (It was Esssence of Existence)
-Added a delay from the death of life goddess and the arrival of the life sustaining power
-Added Honor/Colosseum Experience (They save)
-Changes to Loading screen (small)
-Implemented an XP System. This system does not reduce xp for players that fight together (eg. If two players kill a monster, they both get 50% xp from beast). This new system also makes having a level 1 killing a level 999 players character not gain any xp, and as a result this exploit was fixed. Furthermore, this system does not allow players under 75 levels of the killed monster's level to gain any xp.
-Lag produced when buying tomes in large amounts has been fixed
-Changes to VIP heroes
-Prick's Handbook removed (yes, it was op)
-Azazoth is no longer located simply on the map. There is now a large circle where he was. All players that want to fight him go into this circle, and then type -enter. You are then transported into Azazoth's dimension where you fight him.
-Azazoth no longer casts two spells at once
-Very small changes too small to mention
-Azazoth's chance to use Major Restore Chance increased by 8%
-Fixed Azazoth not respawning
-Increased Code Efficiency
-Azazoth nerfed because of chaotic damage increase
-Cheese Sheild increased to 250 charges
-XP bar changed
-Azazoth now uses the spell Astral devestation more as he reaches his death
-Global XP gain lowered (less xp per creep)
-My hero (darkchaos) has been extremely debuffed. Mostly because I didn't use him much, he was op, and hackers liked to use him a lot. He's still in the game if I want to use him later. But if you hackers want to use him, go ahead. He has an attack cooldown of 9,000 hours and gains -1,000,000 stats every level, and has no abilities. Have fun.
-There is no longer a buff for your char tht says, eg. "caster".
-Monsters no longer receive thorns like damage from attacking heroes that take more damage than normal. (eg. elementalist).
-New command, -statall (-sa). This comamnd takes all your skill points and adds them to attribute bonus.
-Ball of Lightning cooldown reduced by 1 second
-Ice and Lightning cooldown reduced by 5 seconds
-New command, -pcon
-New command, -pcoff
-New command, -acon
-New command, -acoff
-Book of the pig god no longer transforms you into a pig lord in order to destroy a certain exploit. Instead, it now gives 4250 damage and 2000 regeneration.
-Removed worm hunter hero from tier of bleak (there were two instances of him in different tiers)
-FIxed lightning sheild not giving 500 armor bonus
-Skink conversion no longer targets heroes. Its cooldown has been increased and can now polymorph enemies up to lvl 998 at level 4.
-New command, -estats
-Updated Ban List (30 more people have been banned this version)
-Pheonix ranger's attack cooldown increased
-New command, -proficiency
-Reduced amount of code by making it more efficient
-Save/Load Complete Wipe
-Movement speed minumum is now 50, down from 150
-Now requires 100 agility for 1 defence point
-New Hero, Master Rogue
-You can now hold multiple life of the omni's
-You can now hold multiple Orb of Creep Mastery
-Updated Dark Ranger
-Updated Hellspawn
-All heroes are updated with the item system. This means that a Hellspawn can use heavy weapons, the same as a phoenix ranger uses a bow.
-It now takes 50 agility points for 1 armor
-Fixed the message showing that a player has left only displaying once(for example, it says red has left, then blue leaves. But it doesnt say the message that blue has left)
-Other stuff which I forgot to add here cause I was too busy mapping >.>
-Legion now spawns worms on his death. Yum!
-Changed icons for Str, Agi, and Int. (might have removed, might have left this)
-Banned 4 more people
-Removed a life regeneration aura from all buildings in the game that had it. This is because, with the new hero, an exploit can be done that gives him near infinite hp.
-Minumum movement speed set to 100
-Neevrmind the added bard hero thing if it is in here... cause i didnt get around to finishing it. I have to use search on this changelog or soemthing... whatever.
-Updated heroes specializations
-Prolly a bunch of other things i also forgot to put in here
-Yeah thats it

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