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2009-11-21, 11:49:03 PM
CoT RPG 2 : PoM FoC V0.66B has been released!

Change Log:


-Made the cinematic load faster, so you cant load before it starts
-Hopefully made the lord of plague respawn
-Fixed Rare/Leg Dark Soul bug
-Gave Souls spell immunity so immolation doesn't kill them
-Fixed bppc showing reds plat
-Sins Selection Scale reduced
-Made Healing Rays target the caster as well
-Fixed Plate Mail not working after level 20
-Fixed Leg Than Wings showing level requirement lvl 775 when its auctually lvl 825
-Fixed Holy Shock's AoE being bigger than its shown AoE
-Fixed Azazoth's spells one hit-killing everything, them doing pure damage, and them being able to be returned as damage
-Made Scroll of Animate Dead stop dropping and made it unbuyable
-Fixed Aura of Love description saying it added intelligence, but it was really agility
-Removed items not saving on your char if you are under level 106
-Fixed Horror shield saying it required level 300, when it was really 400
-Updated Ban List
-Fixed a Dark attraction that said it transported 15 units, when it only transported 10
-Fixed Blood Elf spell book saying it transported 24 units, when it transported only 20

* - Note: Sorry for the small update, was busy with real life and computer problems

[ · Download from mirror () ]

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man you are sort of noobish ok here is how to get to hell or what ever it is called most ppl play LAN so then can just farm up gold and stats. that way when you verse the GODS there easier and also weapons are important as some give life drain heaps good and others give massive stats boost

I think the map is very good, though it needs some improvements:
-Can you please explain, why the HELL, why the HELL, there is a countdown after everyone leaves. You can't cheat like that, so why?!
-Most bosses in the first world can't launch any good spell.
-There are no unique, non-generic heroes.
-Dungeons would be fun.
-In the object editor, check the "Can flee" button for bosses. It's boring to use Eye of Gods on whole map to find where Godslayer, Arkeden, has gone. And remove that damn worldwide blink for him.
-Don't use Undiscovered Quests. Use the "Create Quest" action in triggers. I have already done 5 times "Undiscovered Quest" at the very beginning, and didn't recieve anything.
-Super Fun Happy Yeti quest is bugged, you can't complete it and gain the reward.
-Bosses are too easy.
-Ice Troll chieftain (who got Da's Dingo) is boring , he stuns you, you stay stunned for like 3 seconds, and he stuns you at the 4th second.
-It is impossible for one guy to go to Chaotic World, so impossible for me since approximatively no one plays this on Garena.
-Gods should have their spell with decent range. My friends always lose when I try fighting godesses, so I can't fight them.

why is there a max in stats?? because i had 150k strength 75k agility then saved it.. then i loaded it my str and agi went back to 65k

can u play alone this damn game???

how do we wan to lvl up if reach lvl 600 o?

becoz the exp rate become 0.000%

I think you need to add some trainning area with powerful monsters so that we can up level easier to use weapon ^.^ !

All my codes never work after i save them could you help me ive had to restart 3 times now

it is very sencitive cap leterrs and all that smile

lower the levels for the sin armor and weapons its bullshit how you cant use them if the level cap is 999.

is it true u can get the creator hero after like 1000 hours of play time?

I think,all are U need,its make some new heros,realy new,like last 3(4),realy more new heroes.
P.S. Sorry for my English

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