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CoT RPG V1.21B
2011-03-16, 10:34:35 PM
Fixed stuff'.



Category: My files | Added by: Ceshun
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Like i asked before is the a SOLO CoT? if so where can i get the version?

u can play it in single.

how do i level up?!?

build home.

is there a solo CoT? if so wats version?


i was just wondering why it won't let me load my game, it says the saved game has been removed or the file has been corrupted or something. can someone help me out? thanks. :D

u can't load saved game. To save ur hero say -save
write down given code.
To load ur hero, join/start new game and say -load (code)
and pls, spend some time on reading F9 ingame.

NOCFeRnAl... i cant recall the name it was a weird name and he is not from US East so i cant whisper to him, but he was a hacker for sure because i even tried to do the cheat thing that he typed, he typed -cheats then all he had to do is click on one of our heroes then he just typed -lvl 999 or -agi 100000000 then it would do it so im pretty sure he hacked and he couldn't speak real good english, i think he was from the European server, which i dont like bots now a days because of people from all over are able to join 1 game, yes it is nice because u can fill up a game faster but u got people from far away places that cant speak english very well that it is hard to understand... personally... i didn't get a screenshot of him doing it or anything, he made my guy lvl 999 and with 350k stats of everything, but i didn't save because i didn't want to be a cheater and i expect others to do the same in my opinion, but if i see him at all ill screenshot it and everything, he did say "this version has cheats" but i think that was a steer away from him hacking so... and even my friend, his name is NotSkyler, if u ever see him on u can even ask him

as i already told. no proof - no crime.
it good that u managed to play fair, keep that line.
next time get proofs (nickname, screenshot (wit"-pstats" of that guy), replay of that game).
have fun, and enjoy this map.

I understand what ur saying, im not really worried about it, but i just hate people that cant play fair...

u can't do anything to stop ppl from cheating.
so, no point at discussing this any more.

Today i was playing CoT RPG 2 and the version was V1.21B, this version and i was playing this this dude, and somehow he did a cheat to make himself lvl999 and all his stats like super buffed... is he a hacker, or is the version hacked or what is it, please get back to me asap please

mby he loaded his hero?
anyway if u want to report a hacker u should visit specified forum's section for it. and be sure u have screnshot of his stats and replay of that game where he was.

in next version code will be wipe out?

sure thing

Hey guys. horror and demon dagger sets when loaded are working as 999 lvl items., Ty

when new version will be released?

check forum for info.

so what is the point then in sets when you cant be wheat them?

what is the point of playing?

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