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Some Questions
Str0b3lDate: Friday, 2016-12-30, 7:28:45 AM | Message # 1
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i used to play this mod back in the days and got 2 friends into playing it again. (ELE/MR/PR)
currently im around lvl 912 and i have some random questions and it would be nice if someone could help me answer:

1. where do you level in endgame? im level 912 as i said and killing a big group of astral units +10 doesnt even give me a level, am i in the wrong spot?
2. beating azazoth, ive read u need atleast a tank for azazoth aka royal guardian, but is it even possible to beat azazoth in a group of 3 players without azazoth items in the first place? if yeah what kind of group would u suggest
3. is there an easier way to spot legion? like does he always respawn in the same area or something like that? most of the time we randomly come across him
4. thinking of more

i would appreciate any help

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NOCFeRnAlDate: Saturday, 2016-12-31, 1:55:29 PM | Message # 2
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1. As u noticed Astral not givin alot of exp, but they still give exp. U can also try to farm forgotten peons. They respawn as any other mob on map, that leave corpse. Just dont stand in 1000 aoe of it. Good luck with farming.
2. As of current, int based chars are really OP in this particular map. So i say about 3-4 ele should do the job. Thing is, with Aza items u need only one Ele (and noone else) to beat Az if ure doing it right.
3. Legion always starts his route from area above that transparent bridge  to Existence area. As u may have noticed, bosses respawn not interrupted if anyone camp nearby. Like put any unit on top of point u just killed him and u will always get a warning on when he is back and killing ur unit(*well if only night time would not happen before that). Other than that he is not really fast on feet(*while leaving burning trail behind him) and u can easy track him down with Goblins lab map area reveal or the reveal spell from the Blood elven book of spells.

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thomas19912004Date: Sunday, 2017-10-22, 1:54:59 PM | Message # 3
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I cant find out how to upgrade items.. when i try ot jyst pups up a wi dow that says choose an item to upgrade and bellow it says cancel.. plz help me
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