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A GHost++ Download!
Sandman366Date: Monday, 2017-07-31, 5:24:01 PM | Message # 1
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It's not directly related to map so it's in Off Topic, though it is a download. If anyone cares, they can move it.
There were questions at one point about bots, and hosting, and some other stuff.

If your question is about general "how do I host", or are looking for extra permissions on someone else's bot, this isn't the thread for you.

If you want your own bot, however, or want to play alone but still get codes (via Fakeplayer), well then, I've got a link for you.

Link is here. It's what I use, just stripped of all the maps (so it's a faster download) and information (so if you find my CD keys, I'm going to be slightly horrified, and very annoyed).

Some required details are still there, pretty sure though that most are not. (And I guarantee you that build number for replays is wrong, but I've never bothered with that.) Personally, I thought most of it straightforward, and the configurator pretty much walks you through most anything important. Just fill in what you can and it should be simple enough.

If there's anything you need help with, give a shout, and I'll see if I can help. (Please note, however, I am just a user, not a developer or anything super advanced with it. There's a lot of potential questions that I'm not going to know the answer to.)

Some other notes:
1. If you're playing on Battle.Net, leave the BNLS Server in there. Also, GHost can't make accounts. You'll have to do that yourself, for it, first. After the account is made, it can use it.

2. If having to spoof check for your own game annoys you, add the bot to your friends list, and have it add you to it's friends list. Auto spoof check!If you only have one set of cd keys, you'll have to play via LAN, and instead of being on Battle.Net yourself, the bot will be. You could control things via the bot's console, but personally I'd think it probably easier to just run things via an Admin Game. (If you don't want have to figure out a loopback device, just do this.)

3. If you don't want to use Battle.Net, and instead want some custom server, I don't know how to do anything with that.

4. Fakeplayer is just what it sounds like: registers as a player to the map, but doesn't actually exist. Command to toggle it being there or not is ".fakeplayer" (starting with whatever command trigger you pick, I just left "." as it in the config). Oh, and you can only enable Fakeplayer in the lobby.

5. If you don't want or any other custom server and basically want to be all alone with Fakeplayer, just leave the "Servers" thing blank and have Admin Games on. (If it still tries to connect to something, set the IP to "". It'll flood the log with attempting to connect to your own IP address, but nobody else will come crack down on you for annoying their servers.)

6. If you want to move people, ".swap X Y" is the command. ".close X Y Z A" will close as many slots as you want at once, and ".open" obviously does the opposite.Yes, you can have your own autohosted games. Please don't flood the games list with them, because it'll just spread waiting players thin over a whole bunch of lobbies, and nobody will ever get to start a game and play anything.

7. If you're on BNet and trying commands in regular chat and it doesn't seem like the bot is responding (or if you look at the bot itself, not even noticing you tell it things), I don't know why it does that. Seems to notice all whispers, and everything works normally in an admin game (via LAN). (Worst case scenario, just add the bot itself to the admin list, and you can control most of it from the console.)

8. Lastly, if it wants to complain that "war3.exe" doesn't exist, copy your "Warcraft III.exe" and rename it "war3.exe". Just remember that if there's another update to the game, you'll have to replace your war3.exe with a new copy.

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Forum » Off Topic » Off-topic » A GHost++ Download! (Well, a version of it, anyway.)
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