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Forum » Plain's of Medea : Fires of Chaos » Feedback and Error Reports » Map load problem / Save location
Map load problem / Save location
NazgrenDate: Friday, 2014-04-18, 4:10:17 AM | Message # 1
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Hi, not sure if anyone still visits here but its worth a shot.

After playing for some time on my assassin (lvl 500ish) I saved the game with the intention of loading him in a new game which sometimes fixes the missing proficiency bug but now whenever I load the map the cinematic will progress in jumps very slowly with no progress at all between jumps until the game eventually crashes due to lack of memory after the item wipe clock hits somewhere beteen 29:30-30:00 (in reality about an hour will have passed). Is there any known instances of this before me? Is there any solution? Also, is there any way to retrieve a saved character? For example is it saved in the map file, or as a separate file somewhere or in app data, etc? I will probably resort to reinstalling to see if that fixes it and i would rather not loose my character.

Not sure if it makes any difference but by copying my warcraft installation onto my brothers computer I was able to play it normally and it loaded my assassin. However I still cannot make the map work on my computer. The map ran without issue for many hours until last night and now it never gets further then passing over the first way gate in the cinematic. Any other map, including script heavy ones work fine. When the cinematic is running task manager shows wc3's ram usage to be over 600 mb. I've never looked at cot's ram usage before but that cant be right. After dropping the graphics to the bare minimum, resolution and all, its still no better. It must be an issue in the code or something.

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GhostWolf223Date: Monday, 2014-04-21, 9:58:02 AM | Message # 2
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Do not play red/blue just keep those slots empty and don't play solo use !fakeplayer on a bot and move it from red/blue and the map should not crash or at least in my experience.
one last thing is restart wc3 before playing that map.

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Forum » Plain's of Medea : Fires of Chaos » Feedback and Error Reports » Map load problem / Save location
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