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Some from an aussie
seanwiegandDate: Tuesday, 2017-07-04, 6:45:14 PM | Message # 1
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1 - Fix chaos spawning so sins don't spawn inside the base areas, they are impossible to kill unless you are max with some rocking kits.

Seems to be fixed with anti sin tower

2 - Stop legion teleporting into the base area, and stop him destroying the gates.
3 - Fix the fragment of despair. it says it requires level 500 but can be picked up despite the level.
4 - Add a bank type area so we can save more then 12 special items.
5 - Make the backpack  selectable only by clicking the icon and remove it from drag selection.
6 - Reduce frequency of weather events in chaos world.
7 - Fix the chaos Colosseum weak solo. after wave 3 no more enemy's spawn and have to -suicide to get out.
8 - Give us a terrain map rather then a picture and add some green like grass in some base areas or give us a -green command to get rid of snow like a vote system eg player 1 types -green and a vote is started to change the terrain to grass other players in the game type -yes or -no or make north of the town green and south of the town snow.
9 - When we choose a base area maybe we can click on a goldmine and type -claim to claim that base area, then maybe add a click trigger on the gate levers so we can open and close gates that way instead or attacking the lever as long as the owner of the gold mine is th once clicking it.

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Sandman366Date: Saturday, 2017-07-22, 7:39:12 AM | Message # 2
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1 - There's a certain range of main base buildings they're not allowed to spawn inside of anyway.
2 - "Feature".
3 - Mislabled tooltip? Try putting as bug report.
4 - Unless you're hanging on to stuff to make a set you can't use, 12's probably enough slots.
5 - Wouldn't think that necessary....
6 - "Feature".
7 - Bug report. (Yes, kinda silly how long it's going on.)
8 - Can't. Terrain map would only work for one section, and changing the camera bounds would make the terrain map no longer accurate. It's annoying, yes, but kinda stuck.
9 - And where exactly do you propose the exact boundries for these bases should go? And what if you want to move? (There's at least 2, I think 3, bases you can seal off pretty well against things as it is....and killing the gates would still be possible, and anyone with Blink or a zepplin can just get around that anyway, if it's supposed to be anti-player measures.)

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Forum » Plain's of Medea : Fires of Chaos » Game Suggestions & Ideas » Some from an aussie
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